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5 Stars, highest score, awarded by  Doody’s Review.

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NEW REVIEW -- SPEID / Clinical Trials: What Patients and Volunteers Need toKnow.  Oxford University Press, Inc., 2010.

Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP(Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)

As it does not follow the usual pattern of explaining human volunteer regulations, this is a refreshing and tremendously useful book, with stories from a coordinator who has worked within the system and understands the limitations of volunteering for clinical trials. I highly recommend this to every researcher.

Weighted Numerical Score: 100 - 5 Stars!

Doody Scoring System - Explanation
5 stars (97-100)  Exceptional title with nearly flawless execution
4 stars (90-96)  Outstanding title, with minor problems in execution
3 stars (69-89)  Very good title, but usually with one or more significant flaws
2 stars (47-68)  Average title, usually with several flaws (or one major flaw) or significant weakness versus its competition
1 star (<47)  Substandard title

Clinical Trials: What Patients and Healthy Volunteers Need to Know has been named one of the best consumer health books of 2010 by Library Journal. See Link below.