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Register and Pay

We prefer that you call and pay using a credit card over the telephone.  We are slowly trying to phase out the use of the PayPal system, but you can still use it if you prefer. Wire transfers for ten or more participants is possible if agreed in advance. The amount to be paid is that which is in effect when the payment is finally received. POs are not acceptable.


Contact Dr. Lorna Speid for details. Please complete the registration form below and then click as indicated.

November 16-17, 2022 Face to Face and VIRTUAL

The Drug Development Boot Camp(R) will be conducted Face to Face (COVID19 situation permitting), and VIRTUALLY in 2022. The date is 16-17 November.  We will convert the training to fully VIRTUAL if necessary due to public health requirements.  Those who prefer to take the training VIRTUALLY will be permitted to do so. Costs are the same. The latter would take the training in real time, regardless of time zone.

Cost: per participant - see below

If you do not have a Paypal account, or if you have problems paying using a credit card on the Paypal system, please call 858-793-1295 and leave a number for a call back. You will be able to pay over the phone using Square terminal.

How to Pay

1. Pay with a credit card via the PayPal system here.

2. With a credit card over the telephone via Square space terminal.

3. With an overnight check for bulk registrations.

4. Wire transfer - additional costs will apply due to bank charges.


For bulk registrations, a wire transfer method should be used. There will be a modest charge to cover the cost of the international wire. Sufficient funds should be sent to cover the costs of currency exchange on the day the wire is sent, for international registrations.


Contact Dr. Lorna Speid at 001 858 793 1295 or lspeid@sndtm.com if there are questions.  Alternatively, ex US participants can pay over the phone with a credit card.

Refund and Substitution Policy

We regret that refunds will not be processed after payment, although substitutions (up to once for one paid registration), up to 31 October, organized by participants, are permitted for paying participants. Additional substitutions can be made up to 31 October beyond the first one for a supplement of 500 USD per substitution.


Early Registration is Encouraged

Course work should be commenced as soon as possible. Early registration is strongly encouraged, so that early benefits of the training process may be experienced.


Last Day of Registration

The last day of registration is the 31 October. Registrations cannot be accepted for the 2022 Boot Camp after this date.


Visas for Participants from Abroad

Please ensure you make your arrangements for visas and other travel documents if you are coming from abroad. Participants have come from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


Register Now! See Registration Prices by Early Bird Dates

The true cost of taking the Drug Development Boot Camp(R) in 2021 is $4,900. High discounts are given to those who register as early as possible.  The following rates are the same as for 2019 and 2020.  Prices are the same regardless of the mode of taking the training, face to face or fully VIRTUAL.


$3,200 per participant if paid before 1/31/2022

$3,500 per participant if paid before 4/15/2022

$4000 per participant if paid before 7/15/2022

$4,500 per participant if paid before 10/15/2022

$5,300 per participant if paid after 10/16/2022


Ensure you fill out the form below, which will take you to the PayPal payment system. You can then insert your telephone number or pay with PayPal if you have a PayPal account. 


If you prefer to pay with a credit card over the telephone, please complete the following form, and then click through to PayPal. Exit the system and call Dr. Speid to pay using a credit card over the telephone. Call 858 793 1295. 


Bulk registrations can be paid one at a time using the above methods, or via a wire transfer or check sent via overnight FedEx. Please call Dr. Lorna Speid, to discuss the bulk registrations. If ten participants are registered, two complimentary spots will be assigned to the firm or group registering in bulk. All bulk registrants must complete the following form, regardless of the method of payment.


If the instructions are unclear, please email LSPEID@SNDTM.COM with DDBC 2022 in the subject line.


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Speid and Associates
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Additional Informationsee flyerProgram BrochureRegister & PayHotelsSponsors

Drug Development
Boot Camp
November 16-17, 2022

Face to face and VIRTUAL

Registration cost Includes interview discussion of personal goals, tuition, Briefing materials, 2 x breakfasts, 2 x sit down lunches, 4 x refreshment coffee breaks, 1 x Reception. Hotels and travel costs are not included. VIRTUAL does not include food.
$5,300.00  USD per participant if paid today